What qualities affect you, when choosing your new guitar?

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It's time to narrow down the choices. You've searched far and wide, the perfect guitar has to be somewhere! Online, in a store or possibly a gold find in a pawn shop. Each guitar is unique to you, but a guitar isn’t only a guitar. It becomes a part of who you are. So let me ask you: what qualities affect you when choosing your new guitar? Here are some tips that might make your next purchase your last.

Where to Start

You’ve saved up, now it’s time to find the perfect guitar to suit you. Before grabbing the first guitar off the wall, there are some things to consider that might affect your decision. Are you a seasoned player? Are you just starting your path down the musical yellow brick road? Each guitar is better for a different scenario, from the neck dimensions to the wood and pick-ups your guitar is made of. Everything determines what makes it right for you. For instance maybe you play something loud and distorted. A guitar with a denser wood and special pick-ups might be better to create a deeper, crunchier tone. Maybe you like slow folk style or bluegrass music; an acoustic with a wide neck, slim body and a less dense wood might better suit your style.

Buying From a Store

Down to business. You’ve decided what style of guitar you want, but where can you find it? Whether you crawl the web or go store to store searching, there’re always deals to be found! Remember a bigger price tag doesn’t always mean better quality. Dependent on the dealer, certain places offer different prices. Some companies sign contracts to become a certified dealer for certain companies. Getting their instruments for a lesser cost enables them to offer deals and pay-as-you-play plans. For example: Guitar Center is a certified dealer for most well-known brands including Taylor, Martin & Co, Ibanez, Schechter, Fender, Gibson.

Buying Online

Maybe you don’t want to run around, maybe you don’t have the time to fit it into your busy schedule. Shopping online might be for you! http://www.sweetwater.com/shop/guitars/ is also a certified dealer for many name brands. Now you face the issue with shopping online. You can’t hear the guitar, you’re unable to feel the neck, you’re not able to determine the playability. You want to be able to determine whether you like the sound or not right? Not a problem! Skilled musicians provide product information, reviews and video demonstrations. The player walks through the pros and cons of each instrument being demonstrated before playing.

Now it’s all up to you to learn and grow into a better musician, whether you’re on a stage or in your Mom’s kitchen at dinner time showing off what you’ve learned. You’re bound to have fun playing your new guitar for many years to come. Great for any place at almost any time, music influences people every day--on the drive to work, at home relaxing, around a bon-fire with friends on a fall evening. So let me ask you again: What qualities affect you when choosing your new guitar?

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