How to choose an electric guitar for yourself?

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It's great if you decided to buy your first instrument. However, on the assumption of the huge variety of the presented goods on musical flea markets, you should know about how to choose an electric guitar correctly!

First of all, you need to decide which sum you want to spend because in many stores the price spread is inexplicably large. Besides this, you need to consider the following very important points. Determined with the following factors of choosing a quality electric guitar, you'll much facilitate the choice of a tool that you’ll certainly have to your liking.

Play style

So, what are you going to play? If you prefer heavy styles of rock music, then definitely an electric guitar with humbuckers will come in handy (for example, ESP LTD M50); on the other hand, if you prefer something more melodic - take a guitar with single pickups (Fender Squier Affinity Fat Stratocaster RW). Well, if you are still make up your mind, you can try hybrid guitars with two humbuckers and one single (Ibanez GRG170DX) or with one humbucker and two singles (Cort G254).

Anyway, there are no restrictions in the music world: having enough desire and a lot of patience you can pick up even the most unusual model for the most ‘perverted’ needs.

Guitar design

No less significant factor when choosing an electric guitar. Many people don’t pay much attention to this criteria, recalling that “what's the difference, most importantly, how the guitar sounds, and how you can play on it”. Simply put, a very big misconception.

Just keep in mind that the more your guitar pleases the eye, the more often you want to take it in your hands, accordingly don't regret the money spent and most importantly, to improve your skills. Therefore, even the shape and color are the significant indicators, so don’t neglect it when you choose an electric guitar for yourself.

Contrariwise, buying an instrument exclusively because of appearance also not worth it. It will be the same stupid decision as well as not really pay attention to the ‘facade’. Find something that is optimal for yourself, which will suit your aesthetic and technical needs.

Connecting a Guitar

After carrying out all the above checks, you can directly start playing the electric guitar, connecting it to the combo or amplifier. To begin with, play with clean sound, listen to original sounding with different variations of pickups. Don’t rush to rock: you’ll have enough time to turn on the overdrive.

To understand if this guitar suits you, try playing different melodies or at least sound sets; at the same time make sure how comfortable it is for you to press the strings for high-quality sound production. Even if you’ve already decided to choose specific electric guitar, try to compare even one more, or better, a few guitars despite any affection to a particular instrument.

Online purchase

Finally, a few words about ‘blindfold’ guitar purchase through the online stores. Knowing how to properly choose a good electric guitar, it probably will not work for you, because you need to see the guitar, feel it and listen. In the upshot, we shouldn’t even talk about the fact that you can buy a pig in a poke.

From personal experience, it can be assured that on the Internet you can anticipatorily find out only common information about a particular instrument, and only then come to the store and ask about chosen model for the biz testing.

Well, now you are fully equipped, and in a manner of speaking, quite capable of going to the store. Find your own instrument and practice the musical craft only with pleasure and with special zeal!

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